Yearly Archives: 2012

Well here we are at the end of another year and I could not feel more blessed! I can’t help but smile as I look back at all the amazing couples I was able to work with this year–couples that truly became friends!

I LOVE that as a wedding photographer, I have the unique opportunity to step into one of the most sacred and beautiful times in a couples’ life and share in their joy!

I’m so excited for the new year and for all the changes and adventures that it will bring, but more than the excitement of what is to come, I’m thankful. Thankful for the opportunity to do what I love and meet amazing people along the way! God is so good!

A HUGE thank you and I love you to all my beautiful couples: Ben & Kristen, Julie & David, Tara & Todd, Hannah & Jordan, Lacey Grey & Henry, Kelli & Logan, Sarah & Tyler, Jessa & Mark, Sarah & Ian, Brad & Emily, Jen & CJ, Heather & David

I hope you’re loving your first year of marriage!

Cheers to 2013! 

Holy cow, these past few weeks have been crazy! Let me just start by saying that I don’t recommend moving around the holidays, if at all possible! My life is still in boxes all over our new house as I rack my brain trying to remember where I packed things. We’re moving on to the unpacking and re-organizing stage of the move and I’m looking forward to when it’s all done! Side Note: I may or may not have asked Buddy for a personal organization expert for Christmas….doubtful, but my fingers are still crossed!:)

I mentioned in my last post that we were getting the internet installed…buuuut things happened to go a bit differently than planned! The company was not able to install the internet that day for various reasons and thus began my two-week long ordeal without the internet.  After numerous phone calls, hours on hold, and some divine intervention (really!), we FINALLY got the internet installed! But boy, I definietly learned a lot of good lessons from this experience:

  1. Living in the country is great and beautiful, but technology is not quite up to par in these parts! It’s not as easy as calling Comcast to have them come “turn on” the internet! Big companies like that don’t even provide service out here!
  2. Patience–Not having the internet and feeling like no one could give me any viable solutions was so frustrating, but I’m thankful the wait is finally over!

SOooo, now that I’m offically back on the grid, it’s time for some brighter news…While moving and prepping for Christmas, I decided to add to the madness and take a 4 day trip to Indiana with my parents to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces! My youngest niece was born in October and I hadn’t had the chance to meet her, so I was elated to get up there to visit!

I’m officially smitten with little Laina! She is so good-natured and she’s like a bitty little doll! I miss them already and I can’t wait to see them again!

World, meet Laina Christine Wright!


Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately but that’s because we’re moving!! SO crazy! It’s not a giant move, just ten minutes away, but we have SO much stuff so it feels giant! BUT we’ll still be living on a gorgeous farm so don’t you worry about that!! These past few weeks have been a lovely blur of moving boxes, and trash bags filled with Goodwill giveaways!
Even though leaving the first home Buddy and I ever had together AND the place we got married at is sad, There are so many things I’m excited about! And here are some of those things:
1. Being able to decorate- this might sound silly, but our old house was about 230 years old (!!!!) and the walls were plaster which meant I couldn’t hang anything. The old house was also giant and we knew when we moved in that if we tried to furnish the entire thing, we’d always have way too much stuff at any other place we went. This left many rooms empty and cold. I want to create a cohesive, cozy house that feels livable!
2. The Internet!!!- this will probably have the most tangible affect on my business and every time I think about it I want to get up and do a happy dance!! Allow me to explain-Since we live “out in the country”, getting fast Internet is like finding water in the Sahara!…okay I’m being dramatic but we didn’t have anything even CLOSE to fast Internet at the old farm! We had satellite Internet which was dial-up speed at best, but nowhere near as reliable! If the wind blew too hard- no Internet, if it was cloudy or rainy-no Internet! Talk about frustrating! The kicker was that there was a data limit on the amount Internet you’re allowed to use everyday! SO I, of course, hit my limit almost everyday (which stops service) and had to pay a fee every time I wanted to get the limit reset! Paying extra every month on already super expensive Internet=no bueno!
I’ve never blogged about this before because I didn’t want to sound super complain-y (and because I’d probably reach my daily data limit before I finished writing! Ha) but since we’re moving I feel like I can have my soapbox moment just this once…I hope you’ll understand!;)thanks!
3. Cell phone service. Now you’re really going to think that we lived in a hole when I tell you this, but we had no cell phone service at our old house! Crapy Internet and no cell service- it’s a wonder we keep up with current events! OR a wonder that we still have friends! So please let me take this moment to offer a sincere apology to all our family and friends:
Dearest friends and family,
We’re sorry for the thousands of calls that went straight to voicemail, for the texts and voicemails that went unanswered (because we got them 3 days later), and for the long delay to ever hear back from us! Buddy and I are soooo sorry for the frustration that this caused you! And now that we’ll have service, we hope to be connected and readily available for phone chats and late night texts!:)(try it! I’ve answered every call I’ve gotten in the last 2 days!…side note- I didn’t even recognize my own ring tone! That’s how rarely I actually heard it ring!!!)
Those are just some of the things I’m excited about and even though I’m looking forward to this new adventure, we so loved living at our old, epic, beautiful farm and we’ll miss it!!
I’ll be sharing more picture from the new house and the progress we make as we get settled!
(and since we don’t have Internet yet, I’m blogging this from my iPhone) Here are some iPhone pics of the new place…