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Buddy says I have an obsession affinity for beauty products. In fact, he doesn’t even use the term “beauty products”…he prefers “potions”. I have to admit, I DO love them and I’m a sucker for great marketing, so chances are if the packaging is cute, I’m going to want it! I love sharing my favorite things […]

I have to admit that it wasn’t my plan to make a montage video every year for our anniversary. However, as I watched our third year video this morning with Buddy, I realized that it’s such a beautiful way for us to remember just how blessed we are! Who knows where we’ll be 10, 20, […]

I know I sound uber “crunchy” blogging about yet another healthy meal (see here), but  I just have to share this because I’ve been OBsessed with this salad lately! I’m a sucker for anything that’s delicious AND easy so here’s what I use…. Mixed greens carrots (I buy the carrots already shredded because I almost […]

Happy Monday and happy belated Easter! Buddy and I got to spend the weekend with his side of the family and we had such a great time! Speaking of family, my younger brother got married two weeks ago and he asked if Buddy and I would film the day…*DISCLAIMER*- We are not professional videographers! We’ve shot a […]

   Because He died and conquered death, I now have LIFE! Thank you, Jesus! (literally!)  It is a good Friday, indeed!

The last time I was in Scotland visiting with my family, we stopped by the quaint old church that my mom grew up going to. It was a weekday and the church was empty. We had never done this on any other visit, but we began looking through the church’s guest book. We flipped and […]

Last weekend my college roommates came to the farm for a time to catch up and relax! We laughed, cried, rested, laughed some more, ate great food, and overall had an AMAZING time together! We planned our meals and decided on lettuce wraps for Saturday’s lunch…I had never made them before but I have to share […]

It’s no secret that I love a good DIY project so when Buddy and I moved to the new farm, we knew we wanted to get a new bed…and try making our own headboard! We upgraded to a King-sized bed after sleeping on a queen that was almost older than the two of us combined […]