Buddy and I have been SO blessed to have Michael and Katelyn in our lives!! We’ve been friends since college, but Michael and I have actually “known” each other since birth! I’ve told this story a million times, but in case you’ve never heard it…here it is. It started with us as babies in the hospital and […]

  • Jilly!!! You killed it per usual!!! That light and those tones… gah!!

    Katelyn and Michael, y’all look goooooood! Can’t wait to meet that sweet little lady!! Xoxo!

  • Awwww Jilly we love these so so much!!!!! Thank you for taking these while you were 8 months pregnant! We’ll never forget this crazy season of our lives. And the fun part is that even after we’re not pregnant together anymore… we then get to learn how to be parents together!!!

  • These are GORGEOUS!!! So special to have friends in the same stage of life!!

  • Loooooove this!! So special and so pretty!

  • Jill! These are so pretty! I love them all!